August 28, 2008

Two Doctors!

Today, I took Kylie to the doctor to check a rash that started on her lower back a week or so ago and seemed to be worsening. Since Kylie had some trouble with eczema in the past, we weren't too concerned at first. As it continued to spread though, we decided we better get it checked.

As we approached the doctor's office, Kylie excitedly asked if she was going to see Dr. Beattie - her main pediatrician. I explained that we were going to see Dr. Hanlon, Dr. Beattie's friend. (While we love Dr. Beattie and would have gone to him if he had the first appointment, I have a soft spot for Dr. Hanlon on sick visits since she gave me a great home remedy one time Kylie was sick.) When Dr. Hanlon came into the exam room, Kylie told her she was there because she was itchy. Dr. Hanlon examined her and diagnosed the problem as Pityrasis Rosea (harmless and non-contagious, contrary to its appearance), but was surprised to see it in such a young child. So, she wanted to see if Dr. Beattie was available for a second opinion.

When Dr. Beattie came in Kylie blushed with excitement and then leaned over to me and said, "Mommy, I have TWO doctors!" We all laughed, and Dr. Beattie told her that she had two doctors because she was so special. Kylie seemed to think this explanation made sense, and Dr. Beattie proceeded to make the same diagnosis. Then they suggested that we see a local Pediatric Dermatologist just to make sure. (We ultimately got the same diagnosis.)

So, as the doctors left the room Kylie turned to me and said, "Is Dr. Beattie going to get my Princess stickers?" Turns out she wasn't crazy about Dr. Beattie for taking such good care of her...she just remembered the stickers she got last time she was there. Also, she didn't seem to buy into the idea that a third doctor made her more special, as she resisted the visit altogether.

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