August 31, 2008

The Power of the LeapPad?

Today we have been busy tackling some projects around the house, mainly related to moving Kylie into her self-proclaimed "big girl room". Of course, being the little "helper" that she is, Kylie has been offering her assistance to us both in the hopes she may be able to legitimately climb to the top of the step ladder or use the paint brush on the wall.

At one point she made up this contest in which she would flip through a book as I was completing a task, and the one of us that finished first was the contest winner. Needless to say, under this contrived rule set, I lost a series of "contests". After about my fifth loss over the course of the day, Dan walked into the room to check on how things were going. Kylie quickly chimed in with, "Daddy, I won the contest! Are you impressed?" A little surprised that she even knew the word impressed, Dan asked her to repeat what she said. "Are you impressed that I beat mommy in the contest?"

Later that day at family dinner (so labeled because we only get to sit down together for a meal on the weekends and holidays), Dan was quizzing Kylie on her nursery rhymes to keep her occupied while we finished eating. After running through a few...he asked what the wolf did after he couldn't blow down the Little Pig's brick house. Kylie was pretty uninterested at this point (me too) and didn't answer. Dan asked her again, and she looked over at him and said, "I don't know. That question is too difficult, Daddy." Difficult? It just sounds so funny coming from this little kid.

They learn things so fast, it is no surprise that everyone thinks their kid is the smartest! It really is amazing how quickly children absorb new things and retain them. I'm going to attribute this latest blossoming of her vocabulary to her love of the LeapPad.

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Laurie said...

Hilarious...and yeah, I'm thinking she's a pretty smart kid. Not much is too 'difficult' for her! I'm impressed. :-)