August 30, 2008

Dancing & Watching the Waistline

Kylie started back to dance class today with a set of new teachers, Ms. Lauren and Ms. Alaina. She was timid at first, but there were many familiar faces from her summer class, which seemed to help. Before long, she assumed her favorite position in the class...right between the two teachers. She is just short of being obsessed with being next to the teacher in the class. While she won't tackle anyone else (yet) to get there, she is a master of putting herself in prime position to join hands with the teacher if the chance arises.

She was a good listener in class, so we asked if she'd like to go out to breakfast. Since she loves restaurants, she was excited. Once we sat down, she announced to the waitress that she wanted eggs and pancakes! And so it was...scrambled eggs, bacon, and three small pancakes - the "Grand Slam Junior". When her food came, she ate her eggs, bacon, and a bite or two of a pancake, but then announced that she was done. Since she declared pancakes as her "Favorite Food" in her recent "All About Me" book at school, which I think may only have been because she is good at drawing circles, Dan asked her why she wasn't eating her pancakes. She responded with, "Daddy, I can't eat all my pancakes, or I will get fat!" Really!?! My 27 pound 3 year old is already deciding pancakes will make her fat?

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