September 8, 2008

Not So Fast My Friend...

Just as we thought things were settling down with Kylie's new bedroom done (post to follow soon) and her doctor clearing her to come off of her skin medication, she broke her front tooth for the third time tonight while swimming underwater in the tub. So...back to the dentist for a fourth round of bonding (the 2nd round broke off a day after we got it done, so I can't blame Kylie for that one).

On top of that, our often-neglected dog Lexi (left) managed to get herself stung by a wasp just over her eye and broke out in hives all over her 100 pound body! First, I thought she rolled in a pile of fire ants as it was mostly on her legs, but the veterinarian said the bumps were hives and it was just an allergic reaction. Since I have never had hives...the thought of doggie-hives never came to mind, but I am sure glad it wasn't fire ant bites all over our poor Lexi.

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