September 20, 2008

Mickey and Minnie's Magical Adventure on Ice

This fall is all about Disney for Kylie. Her morning cartoon as she gets ready in the morning is Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, she will be Minnie for Halloween, and she is headed off to Disney World in a couple of weeks. So it is only appropriate that we took in Mickey, Minnie, and friends on Ice at the Panthers hockey arena.
Luckily, we had third row seats for the show and Kylie got to see all her favorites up close. Kylie had asked earlier if she could wear her Minnie Mouse costume to the show, but I told her she had to settle for wearing her Minnie Mouse T-shirt. Of course we sit down next to a little girl wearing a Minnie Mouse outfit, but Kylie only pointed it out to me twice. :-)

After the show began, she was so excited and shorted out who each character was as they came out on to the Ice. When Ariel and Sebastian skated by us. Kylie got so excited that she even peed a little on Daddy's leg! He wasn't thrilled, but was more sympathetic once they returned from the potty as she really had to go!


Laurie said...

Oh Kristen - It is early on Monday morning - I NEEDED that laugh. Guess hubby will be taking Kylie to the bathroom before exciting stuff happens in the future? :-)

:)Amy B. said...

LOL. Too funny. I got peed on tonight, right out of a cheap diaper!