September 30, 2008

Crying in the Bathroom

Since Kylie went to the "Twos" class at school, she has been friends with Neil. For a while, she would come home and talk about what she and Neil did at school. Since then, the girls (and the teachers) have taken over as the main conversation of her day at school, but we still hear about Neil from time to time.

Today Kylie was eating her dinner and negotiating her ice pop dessert, when she said, "I heard Neil crying in the bathroom today." Of course this comment gives rise to many questions in my head...mainly, what was Kylie doing listening at the door of the bathroom that isn't in her classroom!?! Notwithstanding that, I engaged her in further conversation by asking her to clarify..."You heard Neil crying in the bathroom?" She responded affirmatively, so I proceeded with, "Why was he crying?" She tells me he was sad. I said, "Well did you tell him everything would be OK?" Again, affirmative response, but my curiosity is not satisfied. "So, why was Neil sad and crying in the bathroom?" Finally, I get more, "Because Nathaniel PUNCHED him!" Since I'd never heard Kylie say punched...I hid my "funny-new-word" chuckle and then asked, "So did you feel mad that Nathaniel punched Neil, because that isn't nice?" feeling so proud that my daughter is so sensitive and protective of her friends. She says, "No, I wasn't mad...but Neil was!" And Kylie's world continues to revolve around Kylie. :-)


Sonia said...

Oh, this is hilarious, Kristen! Our girls are certainly a hoot! Is it okay to add you to my bloglines on my blog?

kris said...

oh my gosh that is HYSTERICAL! i can't wait to meet her!